A map based dead reckoning protocol for updating location information

19-Aug-2017 22:04

GPS with dead reckoning is a way for a global positioning system to keep track of an individual's automobile after a satellite signal has been lost.

The feature is available on many high-end GPS models for automobiles.

GPS with dead reckoning works by still being able to monitor a vehicle's speed and course of direction, but is somewhat less accurate than true satellite guidance.

Dead reckoning technology becomes less accurate the longer the GPS system is out of contact with the satellites.

Drift is the angle between the heading of the airplane and the desired track.

A is the last known position (fix, usually shown with a circle).

Latency - the delay it takes for a message to travel across the network - also has huge negative effects on such simulations. Moreover, variations in latency generally lead to jittery motions. [Show full abstract]As many distributed simulations, distributed virtual environments (DVEs) often have to deal with bandwidth limitation, latency or jitter.

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This paper presents our approach that is meant to determine, among a set of extrapolation models, the one to apply in any given situation.

With dead reckoning –Hosts may approximate the position of entities based on information held locally.