Invermere dating

10-Oct-2017 18:08

The Lake Enid Restoration and Conservation Project continues at this much-loved local recreation area with efforts to restore native shrubs and grasses to damaged areas, maintain proper trails, and provide educational signs for the public.See photos and find out about upcoming community events on the Lake Enid Restoration Project Facebook page.Invermere is a community in eastern British Columbia, Canada, near the border of Alberta.With its growing permanent population of almost 4,000 (including Athalmer and Wilmer), swelling to near 40,000 on summer weekends, it is the hub of the Columbia Valley between Golden in the north, and Cranbrook to the south.The Purcell Mountains are generally 300 to 600 m lower than the Rockies, with the higher heights in the centre of the range.The highest peaks are Mount Farnham (3,481 m), Mount Jumbo (3,429 m), Howser Spire and Mount Delphine (both at 3,399 m).Summit heights gradually diminish to the south, where they become rounded and forested.A subrange of the Columbia Mountains, the Purcell Mountains are composed mainly of sedimentary rock, including sandstone and limestone, dating to almost 1.5 billion years ago.

One of the first European settlements in the region, Fort Steele, was built in 1864 during the Wild Horse Creek gold rush.For our EVENTS, please see the bottom of this page.