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Qualify with programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid or income.

The Jewish state has premeditatedly, sadistically and steadily strangled the life from the Palestinian people since its inception in 1948.

For decades, Palestinians have suffered at the whim and mercy of Washington-funded Zionist troops who have systematically turned the occupied territories into a Jewish-administered gulag camp in an effort to drive Arabs out of the Levant and secure a firm foothold for an expansion-minded Jewish empire.

(By Chris Moore, Libertarian -- Featured in Jewish World Review and headlined ‘The Benefits of Palestinian Economic Collapse,’ one of Rudy Giuliani’s large coterie of Neocon advisers wrote in a recent article that the more Palestinians suffer, the better off they are.

Daniel Pipes, the founder of the Mc Carthyite group Campus Watch, a thought-police organization that that monitors academia for criticism of Israel, had the following to say about the virtues of subjecting Palestinians to privation:‘For Palestinians, hope derives from a perception of Israeli weakness, implying an optimism and excitement that the Jewish state can be eliminated.

Accordingly, whatever reduces Palestinian confidence is a good thing.