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12-Nov-2017 22:34

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made a surprise move last week and shut down its user-created chatrooms.

the company made the move when it was discovered that the online forums were being used by sexual predators to prey on underaged children.

The point is, between 19 — which is basically the internet equivalent of the Mesozoic Era — Yahoo Chat! At the time — a time where you needed an actual scanner and a free hour or so (if you had a “high speed” 56k modem) to upload a picture — Yahoo Chat!

Some of the seemingly desirable improvements being called for by users of today’s most popular messenger platforms tend to sound a lot like some of the features Yahoo!

For some reason I could rarely fathom, a large number of men would chat as women in Yahoo !

Suppose Twitter introduced a method of filtering their “discovery” timeline by geography and/or interest in the same way chatrooms were organized?

From the day I created the Yahoo chat group and this website in 1999, I have kept a record of all the people who have contacted me.

It has become a valuable resource for me to refer to when people ask if I know of others in their country, state or region.

Rule number 2 was that angelgirl123 and bustylusty4u and similarly provocative ids were all bots, who wanted you to click on links.

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One then desired the company of a real person of the opposite gender, and so the thirsty generation waited, till the night fell and parents fell asleep, to fire up their dial-up modems, the whrrrrr hunting tone making them throb with the anticipation of the hunt, as they quietly dove into the world of Yahoo! Frequent denizens of Yahoo Chat, and I can only speak from the male perspective, knew the rules.

Yours sincerely, David ([email protected]) Purchase a tree to dedicate to anyone with NM and help us raise funds for our next convention.